Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Headlight V2.0

Headlights are a focal point on this car, as I have said before. The second headlight went quite a bit better than the first, though with it's own set of minor issues.

Retaining Ring

Designed to hold the large light in place, they are pretty well abused. Dirty, painted, and rusted. The paint was chipped off, the dirt scrubbed off, the rust brushed off. The entire piece was polished, and the rust areas were resprayed with silver paint in loo of re-chroming or replacement. I taped off the area to be sprayed on this one, though after the fact I prefer the free spray and polishing off the excess than taping off the area...

Adjuster Before and After

The primary function of this piece is to be able to adjust where the lights are pointing. Cleaning this piece left most unsatisfying results. The rusted area was pitted and generally abused by the fact that there was no dust ring seal to keep water from accumulating on it. The paint was chipped off as usual. The rusted area was treated with several rounds of brushing, vinegar, rinse and repeat. This one was in worse condition than the first.

After cleaning, I spray-painted the adjuster with the lovely silver paint. It looks simply fabulous, I even pooled the excess spray in the rusted out areas and ended up with a smooth finish. Then I placed it down on slightly sticky paint and messed the finish on the bottom. It's not seen and will not mess with the protection provided by the paint.

The base was not nearly as bad as the other one. After chipping off all the icky paint, I was left with primer over the original black, with the original black visible in most areas. I scuffed up the finish to prepare for spray-paint, and taped up the wires so as not to get them black. The first coat on both sides went on even, nice and clean.

Final Assembly
Overall the final assembly looks really a lot better than the original condition. The time spent on the second headlight took significantly less time than anticipated. I am happy with the final products!

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