Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trunk work

Trunk Before
The trunk is in relatively good condition, but has suffered from loose items in the trunk chipping at the paint. One major rust areas is generally located along the low point where the boot valence joins the boot floor-pan. The other rust area is on the other side of the floor-pan, between the wheel-wells. Generally, it is surface rust only and work was done to remove this rust.

First Pass

Though the picture is very funky, this is what was the results of the first pass. The rust was attacked first with an air drill (pneumatic drill) with a wire cup. It did pretty well at removing the bulk of the surface rust...

First Pass Problem

The seam between the boot valence and the boot floor-pan simply resisted getting at by the wire cup and the valence is pretty beat up with chips, dents, rust and other loveliness.

First Pass Trunk

Overall, the trunk looks to be in pretty rough shape without being too bad. I plan to cover most areas in the trunk with vinyl for the back and two sides, and padded carpet for the floorboards. I don't yet know what I will be doing with the inside of the back valence yet. It's taken a beating.

The problem corner areas were worked over with a wire wheel, getting the last of the bad rust out. I have since cleaned the trunk with soap and water and a little engine cleaner to degrease. I plan to re-spray the trunk area black after priming and maybe a rust encapsulator to at least preserve it.

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