Thursday, April 1, 2010

It's all about the date!

Finally, the project has sped up. The metalwork was much easier than anticipated and looks just fine. The respray is complete and the paint job is just simply gorgeous! I couldn't have picked a better color.

We had problems with the engine that was in the car so I found someone with a 350HP crate motor he didn't need and I got it for a song. Mounting the engine was a little tricky and we had to cut the bonnet. Thankfully it all went pretty smooth and we got it purring in no time. I was in much too much of a hurry to wait and I just put one of the seats back in. Man does that sucker MOVE.

My interior's delivery has been delayed but it should be here in a day or so. I decided to replace all the interior with leather and suede. The color isn't quite what I had envisioned, being a light shade of green, but I got it at a great price. I think of it as a tribute to the original color of the car.

I took the car out on the road and boy does it get looks. The engine sorta shakes the car when idling and the metal flakes in the paint job really brings out the purple in the paint. I really wish I had pictures but it moved so fast I simply forgot.

And if you believe any of that foolishness, Happy April Fools Day! Real updates to follow.

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