Monday, April 5, 2010

Tina's Toy

Visiting my brother for Easter was fun and interesting, par for the course. On arrival at my brother's house, a little early as usual, they were not home. I organized the box o' parts my dad offered to strip and readied my gift for Belle, err well, my brother (Rock Guards for Belle's Headlights). I decided to explore a bit as my brother ALWAYS has some new or interesting automotive toy after I've been gone so long.

I rounded the corner and really was overcome with shock and horror! My first impression from the rear was that my brother bought a Volkswagen Beetle. I quickly realized it wasn't a VW and quickly bought myself to a better state of mind.

After looking it over, I was sure that there was some mistake and this was a joke to play on my parents. The rust made me shiver, though it was solid, it had bad rust along the doors, the hood, a few dents and jury-rigged parts. The interior looked OK, needing carpet, headliner, and basic cleaning. Two of the curved side glasses were damaged. No matter what my brother paid for this car, it was too much unless this sucker was historic.

Tina arrived and informed me that it was hers, glad I didn't say too much before. I put on my difficult face and expounded on it's extensive rust issues. She informed me that it was a "Barn Find" and the price was right, FREE! After finding out is was free, it all cleared up. She found the car in a barn, and when querying the owner, they wanted to get rid of it, but it cost $175 to have it towed to a junkyard. She loves the cars of that era and wants to try her hand at metalwork and body repair. It's really a cute car and would be perfect to practice body repair.

1961 Volvo VT544

All in all, it should be fun for her to play with! Replacement parts are going to be interesting but all in all, if they don't spend much on it it should provide a pleasant diversion.

Easter Dinner was delicious as usual and I truly enjoyed my visit as I always do.

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