Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Lets get the party started...NOT

With a nice full day to play on the car I decided to attempt to start the car. Having just enough stuff to attempt it, I eased my way through the work. This is the work I fear the most and have little experience with. But regardless, you have to start somewhere...


This is my new battery from AutoZone. I simply refuse to buy from Wal-Mart unless they win and I HAVE to buy there. I hooked up the battery (having taped up all the unterminated connections I created removing the lights) and left it for 5 minutes to see if Lord Lucas would let the brown smoke out of the wires. Then only hook it up for testing purposes.

Each wire was individually removed from the distributor and cleaned and replaced before cleaning the next. The connections look really good and all the wires are nice and supple.

Spark Plugs

Each Spark plug was removed and examined. I don't really know what I'm looking for but they tell me you have to examine them. Go figure. With each plug removed, a bit of Marvel Mystery Oil was poured into the block. Being that I am pretty sneaky, a drinking straw (new of course) was used to put the fluid in the recessed holes for the spark plugs. A simple finger over the top sorta holds the fluid in the straw and pulling off the finger lets the fluid loose. Well that was the idea. Apparently Mystery Oil drips out the straw pretty easily regardless of what you do but I got it in there...

Champion RN11Yc4 Spark Plug

One of the four of the spark plugs are of this type.

BPR5ES NGK Spark Plug

Three of the four of the spark plugs are of this type.

SU Carbs

On the Carbs, I removed the air filters and hosed the entire assembly down with Carb Cleaner. I intended to have to probably have to access the carbs so I left it this way...

Fuel Pump
I had bolted on the fuel pump and the fuel filter the trip before and when all was ready, I had a fuel line into a 2.5 gal gas can. I hooked up the battery and was ready. I, believing whatever my brother said about not needing a key for the car, confidently grabbed a screwdriver and turned the ignition switch. The engine sprang to life, valiantly trying to start. After a few glory turns, I re-examined the engine. No gas was sucked into the fuel filter. Drat. I removed the fuel pump and opened the top. Inside, it seemed quite fouled with this white powdery stuff. I cleaned it out of the top cavity and re-mounted it. Again, no suckie. I removed it again and opened the lower cavity and it too was full of the white junk. I cleaned it out as best I could and the diaphragm seemed intact.

No Fuel Pump

My buddy suggested soaking the entire thing in parts cleaner, so we did that. The stuff looked like evil drug out of the depts of the earth and simply smelt foul. After soaking for the recommended 30 minutes, I hosed it off with Carb Cleaner and re-assembled. It actually seemed to push air on operating it this time... Re-installed, I put the gas can on the tire to help.

Fuel Filter

On the left is the new fuel filter, without gas, on the right is sorta filled with gas. After cleaning the pump, I tried starting it again. It sucked enough to halfway fill the fuel filter, but it seems not to be pumping enough... I will try and replace it with the other fuel pump.


This is how I left the engine. Valiantly trying to spring to life but without the gas, it can't. I'm very please with the engine actually moving. Will live to battle this another day!

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