Monday, April 12, 2010

Dents, dings and repairs.

Surprisingly enough, this car has had little body work over the years. From what I've seen so far, the rocker panels may or may not have been replaced before. The welding of the front of them seems to be a little messy and not ground down. It may have been that way from the factory...

(Pictures to be covered in a future post)

The front floor panels have been repaired, well sorta. The replacement panels were dropped in from the top, cut to be able to fit, then screwed in place from the top. They tried to seal with silicone the seams and void from underneath...

(Pictures to be covered in a future post)

The spoiler has had repairs, missing some of the trailing line, and has a missing support bracket that was snapped off.

Spoiler (hint, look to the left)

The bonnet has bondo repairs, seemingly well done, but is plainly viewable from inside the engine compartment. It's well hidden but if you're a contortion artist, you can see the bondo streamers coming through the drill holes used to pull out the dent. At least it was pulled out and not crafted with 3/4 inch of bondo.

Bondo location from the outside...

The rear valiance has been dinged up pretty much across the back. Dents in both bumper mounts, to the right side, and the worst under the license plate, where it was dented in about 1/2 inch.

Several dents needing work

Before Hammer and Dolly work
Hammer and Dolly produces results. Carefully pounding from the inside with the Dolly on the outside, I was able to smooth out the metal close to where it needs to be. Pound pound pound, check for shape with hands, reset aim and repeat. This area will be re-examined at paint but it's pretty darn close to being back in shape. The pounding did bring out my first, through and though, rust pinhole though...

After Hammer and Dolly work

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