Friday, May 7, 2010

The Stud

The Front Passenger side wheel was missing a stud and I feared the worst... On removal of the tire for cleaning, I was much revealed to see that it wasn't broken, and the rear wasn't stripped or damaged in any way, other than the usual layer of rust.

I had ordered a replacement from Victoria British and wasn't all that happy with the quality, but I am by far no expert. The part looked like it was stripped off a car, with the usual brown patina found on a part that 40+ years old. In retrospect, it may be that it has been coated to protect this critical bit of metal.

I had done my research on the internet and thanks to ( I had prepared myself with spacers, and was ready for install. I had also cleaned the tires, one by one. So the tires were rotated around the car.

I coated the Stud with WD-40 and flooded the whole with WD-40 as well. I jabbed the Stud into the whole firmly. I added the spacers onto the Stud and proceeded to starting the lug. I torqued down on the lug and turned and turned and turned. I checked the stud but it wasn't moving. I removed the lug and realized it was deforming the spacers... They were aluminum... I removed them and punted. Getting the lug off the Stud took quite a bit of patience as it had backed out and was free spinning.

I re-seated the stud and placed the tire on. I put the 3 good lug/stud combos on and slowly torqued down on the lug. I wasn't able to feel the stud moving so I would have to take the tire off, check the depth, the repeat. After removing the wheel three times, I was satisfied that the stud was firmly in place and looked like it had been in the car day one.

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