Friday, May 28, 2010

Bonnet Latches

The Bonnet Latches, emblazoned with an M for Italian designer Giovanni Michelotti, it really is a focus point on the car. A wonderful combination of function and style make these such a devil and delight for the car.

Original Condition
They were originally chrome and green. When the car was restored, they were over-painted black to match the inside of the bonnet, and red from the outside paint job. Obviously they didn't mask off properly. Both are showing wear issues, though one significantly more than the other. The latch portion is slipping to the side and on the worst one, it is off the roller and grinding a grove in the metal.
After removing the red spray and generally cleaning them up, they don't look half bad. Though at this stage I haven't addressed the wear issues.


After careful masking and respraying black, they don't look bad at all. I'm not all that happy with the paint job on them but it should never be seen all that much, and not up close at all. I cut about 1/4 of the radials out of washers and inserted them next to the latch. Pressed in place, it forces the latch mechanism not to slide to the side and stay on the rollers. Not too bad and very non-invasive. I will likely place a spot of JB weld to keep them in place or perhaps two part epoxy. I also need to get replacements for the mounting hardware as the original hardware is shot.

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