Friday, May 28, 2010

Wiper Motor

The wiper motor really has taken a beating over time. I've never powered it up and I'm assuming that all is well with it and make it look clean.

The motor itself looked simply ratty. Painted black on one side, rust and the remains of silver on the bottom. I opted to respray the piece silver, the same silver I used for the headlight adjusters, and spray the electronic connector area black.

Once removed, the wiper seemed to be removed when the area was painted, and then as an afterthought, painted black with it still mounted on the car. You never know what people were thinking...

Inside the beast looked pretty good considering. a cleaning and chipping off the bad paint job and rust left it pretty in its nude shape. All components were cleaned, degreased, and masked for painting. I didn't paint any of the inside mechanical areas for two reasons. I didn't want paint to foul the mechanical sections and to be frankly honest, the inside was in good condition and would never be seen.

The finished product looks good, much better than the original. I'm not very pleased with the silver when I sprayed a clear coat over it. It really dulled it making it look gray instead of silver.
The mechanicals were re-greased, shafts polished, and it generally seems like it will work just fine.

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