Friday, August 20, 2010

Time Stablization

This may sound like a funny title, but it does describe my situation. I am getting caught up in work and real life. I would like to be spending time during the rabid summer heat driving the Spitfire, but instead I am in a holding pattern waiting for the welder to get the time to do this side work. It's tough for me to wait. With life taking more and more of my "free" time to work on the car I have to be careful not to allow too much time to slip on certain items.

With the rocker panels removed and the rust brushed off, bare metal is left. Exposed to the humidity, it quickly begins to rust again. I can't wait till the welder gets to it, so I got a can of Spray paint and went at it!

Driver Side
After sitting a while, powder rust began to re-appear on the exposed areas. I am really concerned with this area because it has so much rust before and some of the areas have rusted though. I brushed them down again real good and got to work.

Driver Side Painted
I painted over the exposed areas and got in as much as I could into the recessed cavities. Overall, the paint really brings out the flaws in the metal. I will have to sand off the paint on the weld spots, but at least this will keep it intact till I can get it welded.

Passenger Side
I'm anticipating having problems rebuilding by the back fenders, with the metal missing and the curves, it's likely going to be a pain. One positive note though, with the replacement piece, I have what the other side of the curve should be.

Passenger Side Painted
I really wish I wasn't out of town for the BMCNO welding class at Delgado. Maybe I can convince someone to come and help me if I can't get it done sooner... I can't say enough about the BMCNO club. Though I havn't participated in any of the drives, for apparent reasons, they have provided me with moral support and are a friendly bunch. It's always nice to have a sympathetic ear as you discuss British car's issues.

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