Friday, August 20, 2010

Wheel Wells

I have gone back through my pictures and found a set I haven't published yet! Sometimes I present the problems, but not the better items. So now I present one of the better shape parts of the car.
Passenger Side Rear

I don't have a good before picture of this area, but this is it after brushing it with a wire wheel. Considering it's exposure to rocks, dirt and mud, it's in pretty good shape.
Driver Side Rear
Though it looks rough, it's mostly dirt, grime, and overspray. Again attacked with a wire wheel and...

It looks spectacular!

Passenger Side Front
Definitely worse for the ware and re-painting by PO. No amount of brushing seemed to do much to this. Though the rusty bits are removed.

Driver Side Front
This is a before shot. Not too much rust but it looks bad. Brushing again didn't leave good results, other than removing the rust.

Overall I am happy with the wheel wells, as there are no rust though on them except where the rear meets the fenders as described in the rocker panel posts. The plan is to respray them black.

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