Monday, August 23, 2010

Spray Can MADNESS!

Once I began spraying it was a magical transformation. I couldn't control myself and I kept spraying more and more and more. I was really upset with the bad can, and it cost me critical time. I had to remove everything from the trunk and carefully clean out the inside. Once it was apparent that I wouldn't be spraying the trunk, I had lost too much time and had to pack the car back for the day. So everything had to be carefully placed back in the trunk.

In the next weeks visitation, I quickly went to work. I removed everything out again and cleaned it all up again. It's amazing how quickly the dust accumulates even when covered. I began spraying.

Driver Side

Passenger Side
I am quite please with the results. Though far from perfect, pretty much everything will be covered so there isn't too much to worry about. In the confined area of the trunk, the fumes hung very heavy and I has to step away several time as, though quite nice feeling at the time, the fumes will leave you with a killer head-ache if you take in too much of them.

Emboldened by the results, or fogged by the paint fumes, I proceeded to spray the back of the compartment. I wanted to meet up with the floorboards but the can quickly decided it had produced enough. Looks like it's time to get a few more cans. It would have been smart to buy more than a can at a time, but then again I didn't. Draw from that any conclusions you wish.

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