Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Replacement Placement

Body Panel Test Placement

Though I've presented some of these images before, I wanted to present them as a set. One of the concerns with replacement panels is the fear that they may not fit just right or be cheaply made, but I don't think I have any of those problems here. Well enough chatter and on with the show.

Passenger Side Fender

This piece went on without a hitch and looks to be perfect placement. Hiding underneath is some rotted out metal that will have to be reconstructed in the wheel well.

Driver Side Fender
This piece simply refuses to sit correctly, but is a pretty good fit. Below, it will need some metal replacement in the wheel well though not as extreme as the other side.

Passenger Side Inner Sill

It took me a while to figure out how this piece was to fit into the location. I flipped it around 3-4 times before realizing I needed to point the diagonal part to the rear of the car. once I got that figured out it went in really smoothly. The remaining sill line had to be pounded back into a straight line to match up with the inner sill after the manhandling I had to do removing the old metal.

Driver Side Inner Sill
After figuring out the placement with the other side, this was easy to place. I had less distortion from the removal than the other side, which is good as the metal here was in far worse shape. It will likely have to be patched from the inside as well.

Passenger Side Rocker Panel

The rocker panel itself is a good fit, though I will have to remove the piece in the middle blocking it from seating in fully. The shape is perfect fit. It will need a little more TLC on the weld lines before it can be placed.

Driver Side Rocker Panel
Another good fit, though like before, the middle piece is blocking a true fitting. With the damaged metal, It will likely have to be braced from the inside.

End Caps
The end caps seem to be impossible to get placed in a manor that I can take a picture. They too are a little confusing in orientation but should make a good fit assuming I got all the old weld line out of the way.

Overall, the panels were an excellent buy and definitely worth replacing. We'll see if my attitude changes after the welding to get them fixed in place is completed.

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