Friday, July 23, 2010

Rust Removal v1.0

The doldrums of Summer

Though my postings, err, maybe the lack of postings seems to show signs of no work, some work is actually getting done. Just not much of it. The activities of summer are consuming my spare time, as is work and the never-ending honey-do list. I'll never catch up, stuff just keeps adding on... I am hoping to get one of the workers where my car is to fix the inconsistencies below and weld on the new panels, but the shop is busy. Not that I am complaining, I want his shop to be busy so he can stay in business. Healthy Business = Spitfire has a roof over it's head.

Front Rust removal

Suffering considerably from rot associated with the floor-pan issues, This area may need to be patched. I also need to work on the areas I butchered in removing the old metal. You live and you learn, and move on. Worst case bad metal will be cut out and new donor metal grafted in...

Middle Rust Removal
The sill area seems not to be too bad, though there is some rust holes in the sill itself. I'm really not that happy with the sill remaining and may patch over the worst of the rusted through area for additional support. I'm scared that cutting metal out to graft may hurt the structural integrity of the body. There is a new inner sill to be placed, combined with the rocker panel I hope not to have to mess with the sill too much.

Rear Rust Removal

This area has suffered badly with rust. I will have to fabricate the chunk missing from the back of this piece. It's pretty beat up but the inner compartment is solid in this area so all should be well if I can properly metal off the area and seal it.

All in all, the rust damage is worse than I though, though, it always is like that. It shouldn't be to difficult to get it whipped into a working shape. I'm not going for perfect and pristine, just solid and functional. Also, my friend is in the auto collision business and has a constantly replenishing source of donor metal for experimentation and use.

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