Monday, July 26, 2010

Third Cut

Front Driver Side
Moving on up and over to the driver side, I started cutting. I believe I did a much better job this time, notice the minimal ripping at the welds. I left the end cap for another day. The rust damage on this side seems similar to the other, though apparently, this side was replaced in the past as well, though it didn't hold up all that well. A patch to the end cap and a minimal amount of bondo was present. The cut-off wheel definitely has a strange feel to it when slicing through bondo and metal.

Middle Driver Side
I am really concerned about the structural integrity of the remaining piece... I am considering bracing it from the inside before the new inner sill and rocker panel gets installed. The rust is definately worse here than on the other side of the car.
Rear Driver Side
In much better shape than the opposite side, though it will also need some reconstructive work. I am concerned with the wiring harness being so close to where the welding will take place... I plan to securely tape it down inside to hopefully prevent it from getting cooked.

Flintstones, meet the Flintstones
With the rocker panels removed on both side, and the wooden supports in place, The car looks so much like a Flintstones mobile. The only thing that would make it more so would be if the floor panels were not in place.

Test fitting the repair panel
After the first repair panel fit like it was made to be there, I was hoping to have similar results on this side of the car. Apparently, I wasn't going to be that lucky. It still fits pretty well and hopefully a few tweaks will get it to fit perfectly.

I'm still awaiting the guy to prep and weld the passenger side and I still need to remove the end cap. It's busy at the shop but I hope that he will fit it into his schedule. The more work I get done equals the less he will have to do, and therefore the less it will cost me.

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