Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Forth Cut and Rust Removal v2.0


It's sorta funny sometimes... I intended to take pictures at each and every step of the process of fixing up this car. And I constantly find that I forgot to take a picture of this or that. Luckily, for most things I have overall shots I can crop and get some sorta photo evidence. Well, here is an obvious case of a missed shot. I intended this to be two separate postings, one showing the finishing cuts on the rocker panels, and another of the rust removal. Well, lets just say it's a combo meal and we can't ring it up separate!

Overall I am happy with this section as it is relatively solid and the rust through areas are limited to behind the replacement pan the PO put in.


Well now that I have said good things about the front section comes the letdown. The sill area on the driver side is in pretty rotten shape. Several areas of complete rust though the metal, some of which is easily patched, some of it not so easily patched. Some of the bottom weld seam is rusted through. I hope that the welder guy can get this area straight.


Though not nearly as bad as the other side, it still has some rusted through issues on the fender well. I still can't quite get the fender repair to seat as well as the other side though. I am still tweaking the fit.

Driver Side Overall
Overall, I think the rocker panels could have been a lot worse than they really are. All bare metal will be sprayed black to protect it from the ravishes of rust. Weld through primer will be used on the weld areas and hopefully it will keep the Demon Rust at bay for several more years...

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