Monday, June 28, 2010

Future Project #2.1 Visors

As mentioned in a previous post, I have to do some thing with the visors. I plan to eventually do some custom woodwork to make them custom, but my father came up with a ideal interim solution. Originally beige, like the interior, they pose me a problem. They are not worth $120+ to me for replacements, but I can't simply remove them as the windscreen has holes for them to be mounted.
Original Condition
Rusty, and with paint faded and chipped off, the visor mounts were simply a mess though, thankfully, they are solid.

After chipping the paint off and brushing them vigorously to remove the rust, the mount looks just fine. My father suggested that he could probably get someone he knows to re-do them in black vinyl. With the mountings re-painted, and the recovering completed, they simply look fabu. They couldn't replace the mirror easily, though that is fine with me and they will function superbly. I send my thanks to the woman who worked the vinyl for me so superbly!

If I ever do custom make some, I will seek another set of mounts so I can swap between them. Really, they look so good, I may never end up building the custom ones...

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