Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Windscreen Success

It's Finally Out!
Removing the windscreen was a royal pain in the @#$%&! I was advised that it was only held in by the post bolts. It was not. I'll begin this installment with the reasons why it was so important to get that windscreen off.

The weather seal between the windscreen and the main body was horribly shot. cracked and falling apart, it still resisted removal. I slowly worked the seal out from under in pieces over many many visits. Eventually, I had made a trip just to remove the seal, and when finally completing, I still couldn't remove it! Apparently it is also held in place with three bolts and clips to keep the windscreen down. To get at them, I had to remove the top dash pad. I wanted to not touch it, but apparently I had to :(

On touching the first bolt, my work called and I got into a drag out troubleshooting session that consumed the rest of my day! The next two weeks, my other duties kept me from the car. I was going crazy! I wanted it off so bad but had to wait...


The dirt buildup is on the inside of the car, under the dash pad. I was worried about removing the dash pad, having lasted so long in such good condition and was puzzled how it was in such good condition. On removal, it had been covered over the original vinyl. I would have never known, the job was well done!


There is not much to it, once removed. There are pieces rattling around in there that I assume are the remnants of the pop rivets used to hold the top cap on. I will have to work to get those out, strip the vinyl covering off it, clean and prep for paint. I hope that I can forgo replacing the vinyl and just leave the inside the paint of the car, if there are no holes in the metal. The mounting brackets to hold the posts in place were stripped and repainted black by my dad and will be stored until eventual re-install on the windscreen with a replacement seal.

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