Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Little Support

I am always amazed at how little support the rear bumpers have on the early Spitfires. It almost seems like they are purely cosmetic and I have no intention of getting hit from the rear (like anyone ever plans for it)

Well I removed the rear bumper support system and sent it to my dad for cleanup.

Supports Removed
Removed, they didn't look too bad. I plan to fashion panels to close off the sides of the trunk and leaving this support system plainly visible in the trunk.

My dad waved his magic wand and poof!... they are simply beautiful. Well, a little less magic, and no poof but it sounds better than getting them blasted, primed and painted.

Passenger Side

I roughed in the parts and only hand tightened the bolts. I didn't even put in the one that attaches to the exhaust. I wanted to have something there just in case something bumped the back.

Driver Side

The driver side was roughed in as well. This side has an extra piece that is used to holds the jack in place between this piece and the wheel-well. I need to bring the jack and jack rod to dad to see if he can sprinkle it with the magic restoring pixie dust... Thanks Dad for all you do and are!

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