Monday, March 8, 2010

Goal 1: Parts Order

Goal 1: Get that Engine Running

Originally, I thought that the engine was in running condition, well, not quite... The story is as follows:

This Spitfire was a backup for the Arkansawyer's (Thanks other Spitfire. As work needed to be performed on their primary Spit, this one was to be used while the first was tended to. They had to move for job considerations and they found that they could part with the backup. I am not sure if it was running when my brother took ownership, or shortly thereafter it stopped. The story continues, I believe that another fuel tank was added to the sale due to the tank having known rust problems. The engine stopped running after the fuel filter and who knows what else was fouled by rust sucked up from the Fuel Tank.

Fuel Filter - I am ordering a replacement.

Belle's fuel pump gave out and needed to be rebuilt and my brother grabbed the fuel pump off my engine. They were not the same, and mine didn't fit on Belle, resulting in my need for a Fuel pump gasket to re-attach my pump to the engine.

Fuel Pump Gasket - I tried to have my friend order the gasket from CarQuest, who said they could get it. The ones they sent weren't correct. Well it was worth a try... I am ordering both kinds that VB offers to make sure I get one that fits. At sub-$1 each it's a no-brainer.

It's history is mute point, when it comes down to it, she doesn't run yet.

In removing parts for the car, the original tank was removed. It definitely has damage from the rear, and also, tilting it from side to side produces a horrible sound of rust, a sizable amount of it, sliding from side to side. I'm still needing someone to de-rust and seal the new tank.

Original gas tank, notice the patched gash.

"New" gas tank as provided at delivery.

Also, the car is without a battery, and am truly unsure as to what to buy. I guess I will get what my brother has in his Belle.

My Battery, hmm maybe low on battery fluid?

Belles battery. Walmart brand, ewww

My Thoughts:

All indications show that this should be a relatively easy job to get the engine running again but I have been avoiding it like the plague. I am running out of things to strip off the car before having to plunge head first into engine work. It's just something I've never done before. It doesn't make much since to buy too many finishing parts until I know that it will run.

I will also need to buy on this order the critical body panels to repair the body. Spitfire's need certain body panels to remain whole, of those, mine are rusted out. I will detail this part of the order on one of my future posts.

Nothing mechanical bothers me all that much on the car, and bodywork I know I can do or have someone do it for me that I trust. Engine work I've never attempted, always letting someone else do the work. If this car is to ever be truly mine, I have to plunge into the unknown and get this baby spitting fire.

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