Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Geography Lesson

Oh the places she's seen...

Originally, the car was born at the Standard-Triumph works at Coventry, England (Canley, Coventry to be specific see http://www.standardmotorclub.org.uk/cars/factories/factoriesuk.htm) with an guesstimate Mid-August 1969 birthday.

Standard-Triumph Works, Canley, England

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From there, as a US bound Spit she was shipped, presumably by boat to some as of yet unknown harbor the same year. Today on a Liner, it takes approximately 1 week to cross the Atlantic Ocean, be freighter in the late 60's, who knows.

From there it went to a Triumph Dealer somewhere in the US and sold. I know very little still of her, sure to be, storied past.

From what I was able to piece together, she ended up on Lubbock, Texas around 1988-1989 driven by a faculty member of South Plains College. It's likely the same time she undertook her first restoration. At this point, about 20 years after birth, she was over 5,000 miles from the town of her birth.

South Plains College, Levelland Texas

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Again we lose sight of her, eventually popping back up about 685 miles away in Jefferson, Arkansas in 2009, now 40 years since birth. My brother found her here, bought her and spirited it back to his house in Lafayette, Louisiana 450 miles away.

Jefferson, Arkansas

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Lafayette, Louisiana

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On January 2nd, 2010 by brother brought my 69 to me in Metairie, Louisiana 125 miles away. Delivered on a flatbed trailer, she looked somewhat tired for a 41 year-old. I hope to invigorate her back to some semblance of her youth...

New Home in Metairie, LA

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