Friday, March 12, 2010

Before and After

License Plate Lamp Base and Seal

The License Plate base was in pretty rough shape but cleaned up nicely. The bolt and chrome nut is missing and was replaced with a chromed countersink screw. It does work somewhat to hold it on but I will be looking for a replacement long term. The seal has been painted over and a wire was crushed into the rubber... The bullet connector was missing from the positive lead and the PO just rolled out the connector on the base and soldiered it. I will also be looking for another bullet connector and try and fix this.

Passenger Side Seat Adjust

In pretty good shape to begin with, just a little dirty. It is also missing the chrome bolt to hold it in place. Will have to find something long term. The seat that it is connected to will be detailed later and is in pretty funky shape. Very usable but funky!

Steering Wheel Switch Plastic Covers

These things are about $17 EACH to replace them. They still look a little rough but I may work them over again. The plastic is somewhat sun damaged and one has a scratch on it. I will use them regardless... I can spend $32 much more effectively on other more critical items.

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