Thursday, February 18, 2010


Sorta like underwear, just not kinky, nor fun!

Having finally gotten it up on the lift I was treated to the wonder and horror of getting a good look at the underside.

Driver Side Tub bottom:
The replacement pan installation is a hack job to say the least. Left unprotected, the rust has continued to under the support beam after the replacement as a pocket was left for moisture to accumulate.

Under the seat to the back of the tub is covered in surface rust and look to be in really good condition. The "Wet" spots are actually where I sprayed WD-40 to help get the seats out.

Passenger Side Tub bottom:

Again the replacement pan, nuff said. Though on this side they packed the gap with silicone sealant, helping the under beam rust situation.

Again the "Wet" is WD-40. This side is free from the surface rust of the driver side.

Front Wheels:

Most of the wheel pieces are coated with surface rust and will have to be cleaned. Most of the rubber is dry-rotted and will need to be replaced.

Rear Wheels:

The breaks in the back apparently are re-done as stated. I suspected it was due to the car actually breaking and the parking break working just fine.

Other Observations...

The attachment of the exhaust system is snapped from the mount in the mid-rear of the car. Once I can get it off the exhaust manifold I'll figure out how to clean it up and get it re-welded...

Inspecting the rotten passenger side fender, it was apparently repaired by slapping a pile of bondo behind the rust damage. Ugh that's going to be a pain to remove.

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