Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Things found in the car:

Always interesting, when restoring a car, are the treasures you find when you're pulling parts out. This car is no different. So far to date, I have found $.21 cents, several rocks, a few tools, a cassette tape and what appears to be the Radio Plate!


The car is paying me for my work. Well it isn't much but oh well.

dime 1988 fount under the soundproofing material.
dime 1981 found under the passenger seat
penny 1980 found under the passenger seat

The 1988 dime found under the soundproofing is important from a history dating standpoint. It ensures that the first restoration occurred sometime after the year 1988, assuming there's no time travel involved. For all I know, the others could have been dropped under the seat at any time.


I gots lots of trash up in there!

pine needles under the drivers seat.
tree bark under the drivers seat.
rocks pulled from the under-body, wedged along the brake lines.
dirt found everywhere, under the dash, under the seats, just about everywhere.

The pine needles and bark were in inaccessible places and therefore not easy to get to, showing that this cars was near trees. There was also tree sap on the body and chrome. This is not important in any way that I know.

The dirt looks to be accumulated from the same place, as it is all the same consistency. I'd love to take an air compressor and blow it all out but will wait on that until I get to work on the car over a weekend. It's current house does a lot of repair work and re-painting and I don't want to ruin his paying paint work with dust flying all over the place.


You could always use more tools.

Found Tool with a festive Mardi Gras flair

Mardi Gras in New Orleans

Needle Nose Vice Grips found attached under the dash board (Craftsman no less, they don't work too well, I wonder if I can get a replacement).
Razor Knife found in the passenger side rear fender when taking off the rear bumper.

Radio Stuff!

The Radio Plate has been cut to support a more modern radio but at least I have it for sizing purposes. The Plate itself has suffered from deep rust. I doubt it can be salvaged as the rust appears through and through on the short posts.

Plan for replacement plate

The presence of the cassette tape I would assume that the radio also had a cassette player. I checked on e-bay and this tape, new and in the case sells for $10. This one isn't in any condition to sell and is therefore worthless to me.

Thin Lizzy - Jailbreak


1. Jail Break
2. Angel From the Coast
3. Running Back
4. Romeo & The Lonely Girl
5. Fight or Fall
6. Boys Are Back in Town
7. Cowboy Song
8. Emerald
9. Warriors

I'm sure this car will yield more treasures to talk about in the future...

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