Friday, February 12, 2010

Bonnet Bits

There are several pieces of the bonnet that I consider major focal points. The bonnet latches (Hood Catch) are visually stunning chrome, emblazoned with a M in honor of designer Michelotti.
Drivers Side
Passenger Side

Both latches have seen their better days and need work. Both were sprayed with the original green paint of the car, black from the re-spray of the inner bonnet, and repaint of red.

The passenger side latch has issues with sliding catch off the roller, so much so that the metal has a grove cut into the metal. I will attempt to shim the catch to try and straighten it up. This causes the catch to drag on metal instead of the roller, making the latch difficult to open.

The driver side latch is a little better shape but the catch is showing signs of the same symptoms of the passenger side, but it still runs on the roller.

This is after preliminary cleanup. I will be re-spraying them black with the chrome and moving parts masked off, results will follow once the task is done.

The latch catches (Lock Plate) and grommet catches (Hood Locating catch) are in pretty questionable shape. I have a two-fold plan for these, I plan to clean them up, re-shape them back to form and re-paint them black.
Front View
Back View

The Hood Prop Rod is also in questionable shape and will be stripped of paint and rust and re-painted.

Where the two-fold action takes place is I am asking my dad to re-make the latch catches, grommet catches, prop rod, and license plate attachments in Stainless Steel. I love the look and durability of stainless and I hope it comes out nice.

To scale image (if the blog doesn't butcher it)

Hand Measurements

To scale image (if the blog doesn't butcher it)

Hand Measurements

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