Thursday, February 18, 2010

Introducing Belle

Introducing Belle, a pretty little thing.

Belle ('67 Spitfire MK3) is Marilyn's older sister by about 2 years, placing her at a nice 43 year old. Overall, Belle is the reason I have my '69 Spitfire MK3 (named Marilyn for now). In a lot better shape, it provided my brother with the buy and drive that fit in with his heavy workload. It also provided him with one car too many which I quickly remedied.

Belle is nice and healthy with period parts under the hood. She's in a lot better shape than her younger sister under the hood, though with a few mods of her own. Still I prefer the younger of the two girls, with the dash board and seat modifications made in the 1969 model, he still prefers the smaller dash and bucket seats...

Interior Pictures

Belle's interior is quite nice and finished, Marilyn will need allot of TLC to make her beautiful. Complete with radio, two speakers, utility cigarette lighter, though it lacks some of the interior door details. I find that the seat recover seems to be a little lacking in execution and color, but to each their own.

Belle is listed in the Spitfire Database, but I haven't gotten permission to advertise the Commission number, but I can tell you it's listed as being in Kansas. We're not is Kansas any
more Toto...

Commission Plate

56 Royal Blue
11 Black Interior

Per the plate, this car was originally a Royal Blue, quite a bit darker than the color now on the car, a powder blue of some sort.
My '69 was supposed to be rebuilt into Belle, so much so that a test patch was painted on the trunk.
Both Color samples were taken directly from car photographs.

This car is is a running condition and is lovingly housed in my brother's "cars mahal". It holds three "vehicles" comfortably and safely, with tools and working equipment housed inside, it's a car's dream house.

All pictures lovingly taken by my father. Excellent photos!

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