Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Future Project #2

The sun visors on the car were removed and appear to be one of the few remaining interior pieces from the original car. The color code of the car says it should be a beige interior. I guess you can call this color vintage beige, it looks very worse for the ware. The mirror is a pit of doom to look into the dark recesses of your soul. Ok, so the mirror doesn't mirror, the beige looks almost grey, the catches for the mirrors are broken and almost unrecognizable.

This is a perfect case for replacement if the replacements wouldn't cost so much! $120 for a set could go very far in other parts, which I'm sure the Prior Restorer decided as well.

Plan for future project.

The one problem with the Spitfire line in general is with such a wonderful wooden dash, they just didn't use wood enough. Along with the Rear-view mirror, I believe a metal/wood hybrid replacement would look just spectacular. Based on the same design concept as the rear view mirror, the visors would be constructed similarly, with mirrors in both driver and passenger visors.
Driver side sun visor concept
Passenger side sun visor concept

Don't get me wrong, I love the fact that my dash is a full 3 piece dash, unlike the earlier dash in the middle, I just want to take it one step further.

There is no driving need to have this RIGHT NOW so I am filing this one as a future project.

Design Drawings were built as such:

Scan of each side of the original passenger side, then merged together. Digital manipulation was performed to remove the background, to draw the outline of the mirror and form fills to flood in the color and pattern. The image was then scaled down by half and the DPI halved to compensate. If this works, the image should be able to be used as a measurement reference source. If not, I will draw them in.

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