Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Engine Information

On further review of the Engine, it appears not to be the original engine. Code on the block reads FP28068UE.

Based on that information, defines my engine as a 1492cc, 1500 MG Midget (1975-79) for the US market. A Midget engine in a Spitfire?!? Well, not so fast! During that time-frame, MG was under the same parent company and they made MG use the Spitfire 1500 engine of the time!

Well, that makes me feel better, though now it opens up a host of new issues, or as Spitfire owners would call them adventures. What Parts do I use for the Engine, what car DID it come out of? What parts are affected by this different engine? Drat!

Well, thankfully, I am not attempting or have ever wanted to attempt to stay "Pure". I want to stay stock looking but if the engine doesn't match the car, I simply don't care, just as long as I can get it running and driving. I will have a roundtail with a squaretail engine and who knows what else...

First perplexing issue for me is I need a battery to start the engine testing for fire-up. Do I use a battery for a 1969 MKIII Spitfire, a 1975-79 MG 1500 Midget, or a 1975-79 1500 Spitfire? I'm looking to spend less than $100 for a battery.

I will be trying to narrow down the date of engine, finding to be included in a future post. Helpful suggestions always welcomed.

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