Friday, January 8, 2010

Delivery Day


My Brother called on New Years Day, having a little time (very strange for him) to potentially deliver the Spitfire to me. Arrangements were made, and the car was delivered to me on 1/2/2010. After approximately 40 years from it's birth over the pond, this rough beauty was delivered to me. We made arrangements with it's temporary home and secured the delivery.

Delivery Pictures!

Upon initial inspection it is a little worse that what I remember, the rust was rusting, but nothing out of the box.

Notice the toothy smirk of the slightly dinged bumper!

After securing the delivery, my brother and his wife couldn't stay, family obligations and such. My Wife and I were able to buy my brother and his wife coffee and beignets at Cafe Du Monde in the local Mall (parking a trunk with a flatbed trailer is very difficult in land strapped New Orleans Metro)

My wife and I ate lunch at a Chinese Place in town and got this as my fortune, strangely appropriate. Amazine how true to life such simple generic statements can be!My new car has yet to tell me her (I'm assuming it's a her) name, but I may be leaning towards Marylin. Very pretty, but has some problems under the skin. The name isn't etched in stone yet, the car hasn't agreed to it yet. Suggestions are open.

My friend who is housing the car until we can get it running and somewhat waterproof, recommended covering the car with something as to prevent shop dust and errant paint from messing it up, so here are the pictures of it with a makeshift Katrina Blue Roof tarp.

I am hoping this will suffice until I can get a proper car cover for it. I have no covered parking so I will need to get a car cover, somewhat waterproof, and a locking system for it.

I would like to wait to get it until after she has been repainted, to prevent messing up the new finish.

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