Friday, January 15, 2010

Fire up the Wayback Machine!

Remember when I mentioned my introduction to the Spitfires, my brothers '67 MKIII. Well, I've dug thought my old photos and found some images of that car and it's saga as I remember it.

My Brother found this beauty in the rough sometime around the 90's for $500.00 from a guy in the military. A long grueling tale of repair shop gone bad. He was deployed and left the car with the shop and kept getting billed for the repairs. They performed the bodywork but one of the workers secretly sold off all the chrome items and other choice bits, pulled off the car for the bodywork, painting, and engine work.

The guy found out about it after he had a week of leave and he found his car significantly less put back together than he had been billed and paid for. Lawyers got involved and he sold the car off in disgust. (of course this is his side of the story)

This is the condition it was in on delivery. Body looked great! A lot of important bits missing.

Once parts were located (another long story for another post) certain parts were slightly off. Signs of extensive repair work. Also a lot of the holes for the badges and lettering were simply filled over.

Lets all pay our respects to the parts car that gave its important bits so another could live. This car, another wrecked car and a GT6 gave most of the missing bits to bring the car back to life...

I will describe the stories of the wrecked car and the GT6 in a later post. Both are very interesting and entertaining stories. I lack pictures of both unfortunately. The wrecked car was rear-ended if my memory serves me correct and the GT6 suffered from extensive rot.

Here is the car in the final state I remember it, pretty and functional. Still missing many things, I lost contact with this car, and it was eventually sold when he moved away for work after college graduation.

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