Wednesday, December 30, 2009

More History

Realistically, my new find presents me with significant logistical challenges. My house has no garage, no rear access to the property and no covered parking. The spitfire has a convertible frame, but no convertible top, not even a shred of an old one. It really needs some rust repair, and a new paint job. I personally do not have the facilities to handle this job.

First I had to convince my wife. Surprisingly easier than I every hoped. We were dating during the rebuild of the 1967 of my brothers, and she had definitely seen and remembered that beauty. She was bummed that it's a standard as she has never learned to drive one. I offered to teach her as she would love to drive it around. I really thought she would take more convincing but then again she surprises me all the time! It has to be love.

A little help from my friends! Not to let little things (no place to put it and no place to work on it for the stabilizing repairs needed) stop me, I enlisted the aid of my neighbor. He owns a decent sized auto repair shop with many bays, a paint booth, welding machine, etc etc etc. He also is one of the nicest people you will ever meet and does incredible work, going above and beyond to do it right. He offered to house the Spitfire inside until I can get a top on it. He also offered to help with the fix-up. I can keep the car there, as long as business obligations don't prevent it. He also offered to store it in his house garage for me. Needless to say I was stoked. I definately recommend his work, if you need work in the New Orleans/Metairie location please contact me and I'll let you know details.

The car came with a roll of veneer to redo the dashboard. My Father is a wonder with metal (aircraft, not auto) and wood. He is re-veneering and re-finishing the dash. Brother will be tapped for his auto connections, general automotive knowledge and any historical bits from his purchase.

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