Monday, December 28, 2009

History Musings

My first exposure to the Triumph line lay in a project car my brother acquired while he was in college. A pretty little red 1967 MKIII, missing many of the important pieces (I will try and get some pictures of it). From that point on I was hooked. While we never finished bringing that car completely back to life, it remained fixed in my mind that one day, I would own my own little red roadster.

Flash forward many years to the present and I found myself in a situation to acquire another Spitfire. My brother bought a 1969 MKIII Spitfire in acceptable condition from someone in Arkansas, USA. He purchased the car and brought it back home. It needs work, but has all the interesting bits left in place. It's a previously rebuilt car and needs allot of TLC to bring it back to full life. It's not the year he wanted, not the color he wanted, not the condition he wanted, but you know how some of these things are. Hard to find the exact car your looking for, when your looking for it.

Bought to fix up for his wife, the car was doomed, err well that's a personal opinion, to be painted powder blue. Powder Blue!?! well it was supposed to be for his wife... Fate stepped in and he found a 1967 MKIII in useable condition, already light blue at a price he couldn't pass up. Now, comes the problem. The '69 is in too good of shape to simply be parted out, but he doesn't need two project cars at the same time. This is where I enter the picture...

I am a particular person, I don't care for the MKI, or the MKII, and I personally find the 1500 series unattractive for me personally. While they are all cute and fun, nothing does it for me personally except the MKIIIs. And of all the MKIIIs, I prefer the dash modification in the 1969 MKIIIs. The thought of owning anything made in 1970's just makes me upset to my stomach... So My Ideal Spitfire is a 1969 MKIII. When I first saw the car, I started sizing it up, looking at the more obvious imperfections (to be chronicled later in this Blog). The car was not for sale at the time but my car lust was perked.

After being introduced to the blue '67, I inquired about what the plans were for the '69. I was pleased to find out that he was going to sell it and I expressed my interests...

Next Posting to chronicle: I'm way behind on my research! Finding out more on this Spit and how am I going to handle the acquisition, housing and preparation of the Spit.

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