Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Oh, the colors...

Under the bonnet near the Commission Plate, there is a sampling of the various layers of paint on the car.

This sampled image has what appears to me to be a mix of the pallet on the car.

  • Black - Interior metal, except the original paint under the dash, engine compartment, under the bonnet, and in the trunk. As you can see from this sample, this wasn't necessarily cleanly done, with spattered spray onto the red re-paint. The area under the battery, brake and clutch master cylinder is also this color. Personally, I like this being blacked out, just maybe a little better.

  • Red - I hope that this color is Signal Red. The outer body has been painted this color and it fits my LRR (Little Red Roadster) desires. From what I can tell, the outer shell, was taken to bare metal with the body on the car, primed and painted. The area under the bonnet where the bonnet latch catch and Commission Plate is located was painted but not brought to bare metal.

  • Laurel Green - Original color of the car. A well-preserved section of the original color can be seen with the dash wood removed. Few bits of it remain in oddball places.

  • Primer Grey/White? - From the nicks and chips I believe that this was the primer used on the re-paint to red.

  • Primer Brown? - I am assuming that this is the original primer that was used on the car, it appears nowhere on the main body of the car that was repainted red.

  • Rust! - This color appears at intervals throughout. I'll be featuring some of the exact problem locations in future posts.

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