Friday, September 17, 2010

Spray Can MADNESS continues...

Emboldened by the success of the floorboards and the trunk, armed with my mighty aerosol paint cans I marched on! It seemed like everything I sprayed turned out spectacular, I couldn't go wrong... or could I.
Driver Side Rear

Passenger Side Rear
The rear compartment was sprayed, carefully avoiding the vinyl wheel well covers that are in pretty good shape and I want to avoid having to change them. The pictures really don't do it justice as the flash went off when the pictures were taken.

Center Area
After carefully removing the hand brake, I proceeded to spray the center area and was giddy happy with the results. It really looked spectacular. Nice even paint, it looked like it came from the factory like that.

Under Front Wheel Wells
I switched to the glossy black and masked off the area under the wheel wells, and again, it looked spectacular. I then looked for other easy access areas that I could respray. I decided that with all the work I did on the wiper motor, I wanted to respray this area. I brushed it all well, like I had in other areas and...

Wiper Motor Shelf
Well, that didn't go so well now did it. I don't really know what happened here other than the entire area, though smooth, painted horribly. I will likely have to strip this layer off and try again once I figure out what went wrong the first time. Thus ends the madness, with a major downer on this horrible spot.

Brake Handle

I had sprayed this before the major downer and left it to dry. It wasn't the best paint job I had seen but it would be functional and acceptable. 4 hours later, I attempted to re-install it and things went downhill from there. First I shouldn't have painted where the hinge section is, as the paint just smeared away. Uhh smeared, that's not right, this stuff should have been dried by now. I tried to get it installed and kept hitting wetter and wetter areas of paint. Eventually the paint was ruined and I returned the piece to the house for stripping. 8 hours after being sprayed, it still had not dried. I stripped the entirety of the brake handle back to it's original condition and will retry once I get my spray paint confidence back.

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