Friday, September 17, 2010

Proposed Paint Color

In looking for a color to paint the car, I have my heart set on red. I've never owned a red car before. I love the look of a red car, and combined with the Spitfire style, red is a sure attention getter. I find that the existing color on the car seems too light and too orange for my tastes and I have kept my eye out for likely reds to use. As the car will never be confused as being all original, I don't mind deviating from the Signal Red of that year.

Color Samples
On the left of the color sample is the color that is on the car now, taken from a picture. The color on the right is the proposed color I am thinking about. It was also taken from a picture of a trunk painted that color. It looks a little too dark, but look how it shines on the trunk below.

The Truck

The shop where my car is at was repainting this trunk to match the replacement bed that the owner put on the trunk. The trunk owner preferred the red of the replacement bed much more then the funky blue two tone of the trunk itself. Fresh out of painting came this absolutely gorgeous trunk. This is the color I was looking for. I fished around and found the can used to paint it. With the can, I have the paint specifications and can get the color reproduced when the time comes.

Scarlet Red

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