Thursday, September 23, 2010

Looking into the Past

I have sent out a initial volley of e-mails to try and find out some more information about the car's previous owners and it's original restoration. Utilizing the sticker on the windshield as a starting point. SPC South Plains College Faculty Staff 88-89 Parking number 4167. This provides not only a date that the car was obviously used (who puts a parking sticker on a car they don't drive) and a geographic location as to where the car was!

Armed with this information, I have sent out e-mails to the following.

South Plains College: Magazine editor

Found under the Alumni section of their website, I am hoping to get a response of who better to talk to. I'd love to get a Faculty List from those years so I can start weeding out the possibilities. Unfortunately, I need to tread lightly, with all the privacy laws. If this contact fails, there is a whole employee list that I can start taking pot shots at and see if I get any bites.

Lubbock Mustang Club: Historian/Website

Hey, one of the first Lubbock are clubs that I found. It's quite a longshot, but being that it is somewhat of a memorable car, maybe they have an old member that might remember something. Dandled the sob story of my mustang as an enticement carrot to help me. If I don't get a response, they have a long list of officer e-mails to try.

Caprock Classic Car Club: Website contact

Well, it wasn't a classic at the time I place it in the area, but it wasn't far from it. At the time it would have been about 20 years old, 5 years from being a classic, but different enough maybe to trigger memories. It appears their website was hacked and all previous content lost! I have backup copies of all the photos, and text of this blog. It'd be a chore but I could re-build it.

Nifty 50s Car Club: Website contact

50's car club?!? What was I thinking... Well, it's only 10 years off their topic, maybe someone branches out to other interests. Maybe if they were around in the 50's, they might remember the 60's. Well, one of the e-mails listed bounced so i hope the other one is good, as there is no other contact listed.

South Plains SCCA: West Texas Region, Asst. R.E. South Plains

Well it is a sports car, and it was in the region. Maybe someone remembers it. Assuming that someone was in their 20's saw the car at this time, it would put them in their 40's now. Long-shot yes, e-mail effort minimal. Also a long list of e-mails available if I get no response. My Brother was very active in the club at one time, I wonder if he can tweek anyone to help.

Overall this initial volley is just that, something to get me started crafting e-mails that request information, buttered with a bit of nostalgia, and a bit of a challenge. If I don't get responses, I will revisit the approach and try again.

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