Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Project Doldrums

A combination of work, personal life, and size of the next task has led to a long period of progress stagnation, the doldrums. I've been working heavily with the British Motoring Club of New Orleans, we had another successful car show. I've been re-vamping the club website, and is currently acting Newsletter Editor.

The Company I work for is selling a division, leading to job jitters. And to add to it, I need to strip the car and prep for paint, something I've never done and need to learn. Fear not, I still think of the car often and have been planning and working and assembling stuff for the next stages.

I'm in the process of cleaning out the shed, my primary workspace. It had gotten so cluttered, I didn't have any more room to work. I've cleaned it out, and I am prepping to re-organize the parts and begin anew.

Once I get it back in gear, I will be updating this blog with progress.

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